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Understanding and declaring our need for God is a big part of worshipping God. It narrates about our dependency on Him. It points to Him doing all the work, Him having all the power and ability to work miracles, to move in our situation, Him being the one who fills the God-shaped void in people’s hearts, God does everything! We are purely the containers of His greatness and work. ‘I Need You’ is a song that sings out our need for Him. As plants need water, as a child needs a Father or Mother, as living beings need oxygen, so we need God.

At times, people find that things can hold them back from God or from being closer to God in their relationship with Him. Some would say perhaps a bad attitude or a stony heart, thinking patterns, sins of the past, the list goes on.

In the second verse, we speak about leaving behind the things that hold us back from gaining more of Christ. This is something that worship will often naturally lead one to ponder upon and desire to become more like Jesus.

To experience Christ more and more we want to bring awareness that it’s not about seeking a feeling to know God’s presence but seeking the face of Jesus. This is where we are changed and know Him, when we behold Him. In life, there is temptation to ‘give in’ to the ways of this world. We wanted to express that we will submit, bow down, surrender and yield to Jesus through our bridge of the song. For Christianity is about surrendering the life we once lived to follow Christ because of the Worthiness of Jesus. We are so enthusiastic about the response of this soaking-worship song and all that it will mean as you realize how much we need our Saviour Jesus.