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The songwriters of Stay Here Until got together to write a song that reminds people of the faithfulness of God and that fact that He is ever present, regardless of how it feels around you or how circumstances affect you.  

In Hebrews 13:5 God promises that He will never leave nor forsake us and He never goes back on a promise.  There are seasons in our lives where we sometimes feel like He is either silent or far away, but He never is.  

Strangely enough, the song was written for such a time as this, where in the world there is so much uncertainty and the circumstances want to make you believe that you have been forsaken, even though the songwriters had no idea what impact this year’s lockdown would have on the emotional, spiritual and financial state of the whole world – where perhaps many have felt stranded and abandoned.

Each writer shared from different challenging seasons they have experienced and how the Lord was always present through it all.  The one writer shared a dream she had of a man coming to the house of his beloved, but she does not want to open up the door for him.  His love for her was so great that it did not matter to him that she was not opening the door for him, and he was content with daily coming to the door and if he could merely catch a glimpse of her image on the other side of the frosted glass insert in the door, or hear the faint, dull sound of her voice through the door, it would be enough for him. 

From that story came such a deep discussion about the desperation of man and the persistence of God, pursuing us when we are not opening the door of our hearts, but also of the persistent prayer and worship of an individual, when you simply decide that, no matter the circumstances, you will worship Him, whether you ever feel his tangible Presence or not, whether it makes sense or not.

From a hunger and desperation in that moment, they sang out the chorus lyrics “You are here, You are here, I know that You are with me, I am not alone” and then when they sang the bridge lyrics, “I’ll stay here until, I get a glimpse of You, I just need one touch”, the presence of God entered the room in a way they had never experienced before. 

 This is an inspiring story about when you pursue God with all your heart and soul, He will always show up in ways that you might never have expected.  Stay in His presence and press in until… Stay until you get a glimpse of Him.  He will never disappoint you.

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