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During our songwriters advance, while walking from one designated songwriting area to another, Our CRC Music director, Lufuno found a very large rock in the ground. He began to tap his toes and also tap on the rock and sang out with much energy and a very certain edgy, style: ‘Rock of the Ages’! Yes! It was here where this epic rock praise jam began!

Coming up with a catchy guitar riff, Lufuno brought a sound that is raucous and electric. Not only would this turn out to be uncompromising in its sound but also its essence.

The subject of this song is very much supported by the power in the music. We love the power of God and the power He sends when we are in a battle. We know praise changes everything about a battle and it’s a sign of how much God loves praise and responds to praise!

Anesu, a praise and worship leader, very much appreciated being interrupted in his dinner time. He was focused on eating, savouring the bites and filling his tummy with goodness. The other writers decided that the food-eating time Anesu was so enjoying, had seen its time. It was time for the eating to stop, and the rocking to start!

We looked up all the names of God in the Word, and all that He is inspired a lot of the words written in the song.
Exodus 15 was an inspiration for the song verse 2 ‘The LORD is my strength and my song, and He has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise Him, my father’s God, and I will exalt Him. 3 The LORD is a warrior, the LORD is His name’ – this is the song of deliverance for Moses and wow, isn’t God good and powerful!

We’ve added a vocal of one of our favourite singers who carries a rocky edge to his voice and stage presence. Pastor Sylvester knows exactly how to get out the wide-ranging, uninhibited praise that we so desperately wished to express through this song. A perfect match for those who enjoy a good rock song. We didn’t only wish to cater for the rock-lover but made sure to keep the energy high as well as all the lyrics relatable to each type of person. This song may be different from the usual but it is all about God and who God is, His power and how we need to praise Him. We have no promise of tomorrow, we have today, we have God fighting our battles so let’s give God our best. This is

Praise is all about allowing the melody and rhythm to lift you out of sadness and into the rightful Spiritual authority that is yours as a Christian. It’s the way we get involved in our battle and at the same time, step back and allow God to be God and win the battle for us as we praise from a place of victory and into the victory He has ahead of us.

We are so eager for you to hear this track, we hope it lifts your soul and brings you into praise of your Lord and Saviour.

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