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Our latest album, Heaven on Earth, was produced during the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, posing a few challenges, which resulted in an amazing opportunity to produce our first studio album. We asked our CRC Music directors, Lufuno and BF about what makes a studio album so special.

This is our first studio album, what makes a studio album so different and so special?

Lufuno: Ooh yeah, Heaven on Earth is a ground-breaking collection of 7 dynamic praise and worship songs, all produced in studio, exploring different genres of music.

This year really took a turn and many of our plans were derailed and delayed due to Covid-19, but it has given us the opportunity to do a different album, exploring the use of different sounds that we normally wouldn’t be able to use if we were recording live. It has opened a way for us to explore and create a different atmosphere in praise and worship.

Studio albums are interesting, especially in the Christian market, because you don’t have the much-beloved congregation singing along to your songs making them sound majestic and beautiful. But instead, you are given a clean pallet in which you can be as creative as you want.

BF: With live albums, you get the help of the congregation to make the song and vibe of the song feel full and exciting. With a studio album, you have to fill that space with….well, something else. So Lufuno and I had lots of fun experimenting and getting creative with sounds and different ways of how we can fill those spaces.

Lufuno: I believe this is the most sonically diverse Christian album out today, carrying very relevant and real messages post Covid-19.

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