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Lufuno, one of our amazing producers, answered some of our questions!

1. Share your journey how you got to be part of the band?

I moved to Bloemfontein in 2003, and immediately joined the church. I really enjoyed watching the band play Sunday after Sunday and was always amazed at the level of excellence. Although I was in a band from a very young age, I ironically didn’t join the team for a long time because I thought they already had enough musicians. After about 2 years I joined the Creative Arts ministry, producing music for the dancers and anything else they needed, and through that in 2006 I finally auditioned for the band (I made it).

2. What is a trial you had to go through where you wanted to quit and why didn’t you?

There was a time I felt overwhelmed and really felt like taking a break. Looking back at it now I see that I needed to rest more in God. But I remember one day it almost felt like God said to me “If you stop now, it’s going to be very difficult to start up again”. Pastor At always says a made up mind is a powerful thing, and that’s where I feel like I made up my mind to keep going.

3. Share a band story nobody knows about?

On any given Sunday during praise and worship when we’re doing what we do, there’s obviously a lot going on! But as the band we’re still super vigilant. All I’m gonna say is, if you’re in the congregation and you’re dancing funny or you’re clapping out of time, know that we see you and we’re talking about it!

4. What instrument do you wish you could play?

Definately Violin & Trumpet. Only problem is if I start learning those now, it would be extremely loud all the time in my house and everyone wouldn’t be very happy with me.

5. Any practical tips for musos?

Know your songs really well, be ready at every moment and be the one we can all depend on. Everyone enjoys that kind of musician.

6. How has being part of the band impacted you?

I’ve been in a church band since Sunday school. I just know that without it, my life would be very empty! And I really am so thankful to Pastors At and Nyretta Boshoff for weekly giving us the opportunity to lead people in worship!

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