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1. How did you become part of the CRC band, share a little about your journey?

I came from Bethlehem where I was in another church, in their worship team. Through my work, I was transferred to Bloemfontein and my old church recommended that I join CRC. 

The first time I entered the church, the band was playing a song called “Under the Shadow”. I was so incredibly touched by God, I knew that’s where God wanted me to serve.

2. How do you stay motivated and faithful, even in the face of trials and challenges?

I would say whatever tests I went through weren’t strong enough to make me want to leave or quit, which is why I am still here. When you are called to serve God, it’s never your decision to leave because of offence. As Paul says ‘count it all joy’! 

That’s all I had to do if there was any situation that arose, I had to count it all joy, then move on because how I feel this week will be different next week!

3. Share a band story that nobody knows about?

There have been so many times on stage while worshipping that I would feel like my weave is going to fall off, and I would have to turn and act like I am dancing, meanwhile, I am pulling it back and securing it!

4. What instrument do you wish you could play?

Keyboard, bass and acoustic guitar 

5. Any practical tips for musos so they can give their best on a weekly basis?

First of all, pray for everyone in the team, especially the leadership! Stay connected to the team’s groups and read important messages. 

Always make sure you learn new songs thoroughly! Some songs take longer than others to grow on you but do your utmost best to learn them!

When you are at band practise, no matter how fun it is, don’t get distracted! There’s a time and place for everything, but remember, it’s all about Sunday! Perfect practice makes perfect! Never skip rehearsals, practising in a group will always you help! 

6. Share your funniest band moment?

One time we had a band workshop and we started singing, and one of our senior vocalists starting going crazy trying to entertain everyone and then he ran around in a backward movement and suddenly he fell, but he tried to stand up quickly but everyone saw and we all burst out laughing! There’s a lot more of these moments, even during the service! Dancing and jumping! One guy also fell on stage, tearing his pants!

7. Your favourite #crcmusic lyrics at this moment? 

That would be a song that’s not produced yet that I believe is going to do well if it gets chosen for the next album! We can’t wait to share more with you later this year…

8. What’s the last thing you do before praise and worship starts on a Sunday?

I ask God to anoint me for the service I’m about to serve in!

9. What life lessons have you learned along the way?

That no one ever arrives complete, we are all a work in progress so we need to do our best all the time to keep growing!

10. How has being part of the band impacted your own life?

It made me appreciate every opportunity I get to lead God’s people into the throne room of grace and to never take it for granted as I can be replaced at any point, so I need to seize the moment to add something into the lives of those God is transforming!

I will forever be grateful to my leaders, Pastors At and Nyretta Boshoff for what they’ve imparted in my life, so that I can the worshipper I am today!  

The opportunity they gave me when they saw the talent that God gave me for His Kingdom; I count myself blessed that God chose both of them to lead me, even to this day. I love and appreciate Pastors At and Nyretta and wish only the best for them!

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